Wally West, once the cocky and confident speedster known as Kid Flash. Wally is the son of Joe and the late Francine West, and the younger brother of Iris West. He was born in Keystone City eight months after Francine had separated with Joe, having left him and Iris, so he was brought up without a father or sister. He eventually met Joe, Iris, Joe's foster son Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash and became a member.


He was a champion drag-racer under the alias "Taillights". Other racers stopped wanting to face him, so he started racing in Central City in order to pay for his mother's medical bills due to her being sick. he liked street racing because it reminded him of the times when his mother would take him for a drive, which is why he did not want to quit.


However, Wally eventually stopped racing, and became Kid Flash. Awhile after becoming a Flash, Wally shattered his spine in a reckless fight with Savitar, his sister's killer. 

KITCHENER, ON., January 16, 2013  - Writer and illustrator Andre Campbell works in his Kitchener apartment.  Campbell’s latest work, ‘Starkeeper’, is about a disabled teen who is trying to change his life.  (Adam Gagnon / Special to The Record)

(Photo credit - Adam Gagnon / Special to The Record)

Andre is a writer, comic artist and cosplayer. He fell in love with comics at a really young age. Andre has tracking issues as a result of his disability, and found he could read them on his own despite this. So yeah, Andre is a bit of a geek (maybe more than a bit).


When he's not "geeking out" at comic-cons, writing or working on his comics, he works as a sensitivity trainer for a Community-based non-profit. Andre is also an aspiring model and actor, who's a huge fan of The Flash, both the comics and the CW TV show.