Flash Fiction - Not Just Another Superhero Show

Flash Fiction is a sci-fi, fanfiction web-based adventure drama series. It combines the great characters and story arcs from The Flash comics and TV show. It also has the humour and geekery of Felicia Day’s “The Guild”. Our show addresses concepts such as inclusion and belonging.

It focuses on Wally West’s recovery and finding another way to access his powers following the 2024 timeline from the CW’s “The Flash”. In this timeline, Wally is severely and permanently injured in a battle. This battle was prompted by the death of his sister, and the rogue speedster who killed her, named Savitar.

Flash Fiction is geared to fans of “The Flash” comics and TV show, as well as adults young and old, who crave a different take on a classic superhero saga. It will be as dynamic and interactive as possible, so stay tuned for viewer feedback polls!